About Hope Human Services

Hope Human Services is a premier provider of Residential Services in Washington State with a focus on high quality individualized services. With over 50 years of experience, the leadership of Hope Human Services understands the importance of person centered services to provide exceptional life experiences.

Our mission is to be a preferred partner and provider of quality community-based human services. We strive to improve the quality of life for those we support through compassionate, innovative, and extraordinary service delivery. We seek to provide a meaningful and rewarding work experience for our employees. Our goal is to connect people to their community so that they can attain exceptional life experiences.

About Island Management

Island is the management company that provides all shared services to Hope Human Services. The services that Island provides include HR, Payroll, Accounting, and Executive Management which are all located at the administrative office in Fife. All of these services exist to support our staff and the management company is there to take care of the business aspect of the company so that the support staff can focus on service provision.

About Our Founders

The company was founded by Cheryl Borden and Rex Garrett and is owned by Cheryl Borden. They have a long history of successfully operating multiple innovative programs providing human services; specifically, residential support services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in community based settings.  Historically, services were consistently provided with a focus on quality of life and person centered support; they will continue to be set to this standard. Throughout Cheryl and Rex's careers, they have had the opportunity to serve and develop services for hundreds of people. As service providers with over 50 years of combined experience they have provided residential services in multiple states and they also have developed numerous individualized service models. Their success was a direct result of their commitment to, and relationship with the people they support.

Cheryl Borden hope human services Founder

Cheryl Borden

Cheryl Borden, Owner of Hope Human Services, has over 35 years of experience in residential support services. At a previous company she worked her way up from Direct Support Staff all the way to CEO, so she personally knows and appreciates the challenges that each staff position faces. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating exceptional life experiences for the people we support and our employees. This means that we use person-centered planning, community based activities, and complete respect for the people we support. We respect and value each of our employees, making sure they know that they are making a difference and are a part of the Hope Human Services team. We also are big proponents for promoting within. Our founder, Cheryl Borden, started her career as a Direct Support Professional!